Health measures taken by our Solutions amidst Covid-19

May 28, 2021

With challenges that people are facing in the absence of enough vaccines available across the country, a solution has been taken the initiative to get its employees and their families vaccinated while bearing the cost of the vaccination as well. It has successfully completed two camps of vaccination for employees and their families in Bangalore and one camp in Delhi.  So far, 220 employees and their families have been vaccinated through this initiative. 

While the company has an extensive and well-thought leave policy to provide employees enough time off, understanding the need in the current situation, it modified its leave policy to provide infected employees extra time off. Through its Covid leave policy employees are provided with one-week time-off extendable to one month depending on the situation. The employees can also avail of additional five-day time-off to take care of an immediate family member in case they test positive.